June 19, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning garden view. a few changes from last week.

William standing beside the kale plants from last year which have gone to seed. The seed heads are quite a bit higher than William.

It rained nicely on Sunday which was a great relief as we had been getting pretty dry. It was not a lot of rain, but it did wet the ground down a good 6 inches or so. the environment Canada weather station just down the road from us recorded 8.7 mm of rain for yesterday. Before that we had only 3.4 mm on the 4th of June and it was on the 25th of May that we last had a real significant amount of rain, 23.8 mm, and prior to that 14.9 mm on the 21. A total for May of some 109 mm of rain so May was a good, moist month. We do though need a little bit more rain over the next few days to keep us happy.

Some of the trays of veggies awaiting transplanting to the garden.

The onions and broad beans with straw mulch. Broccolli to the left.

So much work still needs to be done, so many plants and seeds need to go into the ground yet. Having had the rain will make it easier too, ground is not hard as concrete in places and cultivating and digging is so much easier.  Seeds will germinate quicker and transplants will need less water and will not be so stressed. The slightly cooler temperatures will also be better. We can also work faster and for longer periods of time when it is a little cooler. Much is planted in the garden and much more still needs to go into the ground.

The chicks which are now about 7 weeks old. They have grown a lot but not near as much as the ducklings. The ducklings are about 8 weeks and are very near full grown.

The 8 week old ducklings waddling quickly to their favourite spot under the little apple tree.

All the animals are doing just fine. Still mostly adequate pastures and as with all plants, the pasture plants will now be growing much better now that they have had some rain.

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2 Responses to June 19, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Ducks and chickens doing their thing often helps me breath better about all of the minutiae of life that seem so taxing… thank you birds.

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