June 26, 2017 FARM NEWS

This is our version of a hugelkulture garden bed. All the straw in the immediate foreground is straw off the big round bale just waiting to be spread. There is a row of Welsh onions to the left but in the spread out straw can be seen the two rows of recently transplanted tomato plants and between the rows is a mound with sticks and earth and composted manure covered with straw and with the straw under the plants. too. All this to suppress weeds, retain moisture, provide nutrients and eliminate soil splash to the foliage thus reducing the spread of molds and the dreaded blight.

I have been unable to load more than this one photo. It can take more than 10 minutes to load a photo to WordPress and after 5 more tries I could not get another photo loaded.  It comes up as an http error, which is a pretty meaningless concept to me.

We cannot complain too much about the weather this season. We do have abundant rain, a lot of rain but better this than to be like last year when we were so dry. Temperatures, while sometimes somewhat cool , especially at night, are not nearly so cold as last spring and the hot days not nearly so hot. Hopefully the trend will continue throughout the summer.

I’ll have to be quick with this blog as this week there has been so much more to do with planting and with preparation for the start, with the first week of July, which is next week, of our vegetable CSA pick ups. Earlier today I had to go out to put the trays of peppers under the tables to give them some shelter in the event of a repetition of yesterday’s hail. We’d had two separate storms drop some hail on us on Sunday and though most everything was just fine, a lot of the peppers and a few eggplant suffered damage to leaves and many pepper leaves were knocked off.  Not so much that the peppers will not recover but still there is no point in subjecting them to more damage. More damage from Sundays hail may show up in the coming days.

We have a lot of the seeds and transplants in but there is much more still to be planted. We are somewhat behind where we’d really like to be but once it is all in we should have a much better result this year than we had last.

If anyone has been thinking of getting a CSA share from us please do contact us right away to let us know. The small share is $400 and the large share is $700. And as mentioned it all starts July 4,  Some sharers will pick up veggies on Tuesday July 4 and others will pick up on Thursday July 6.  There is not going to be a lot at first nor for the next few weeks but come the end of July and into August we should be overwhelmed with produce. that’s the plan!

Everything else and everyone else (chickens and all 4 legged critters) is fine.

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