July 3, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning garden view at a somewhat earlier hour than normal. about 8 am. should finally be able to see things growing out there.

This week will be the first week of pick ups for our 2017 CSA season.  Look at our CSA page in this website for more information on how that works. A very busy and productive week transplanting veggies from the growing trays into the garden. Still more to be done and more seeds to go into the ground.  We also have to hoe and mulch a lot of the garden and even put down some more compost in places. What is planted is growing well and though we have been late getting things into the ground there will likely be a very good harvest.

Onions to the left and centre, Broad beans to the right and the Garlic far right.

Broccolli , Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages, Kale all needing a quick hoeing.

The weather has been both good and bad for us. Good because we have had a lot of rain and the temperatures have not been too hot.  Bad, but not really so bad, because it has been a little too cool daytime and often too very cool at night. And the rain has been a little much at times though we’d always like to have too much rain than too little.

Looking across at the lettuces and the cole crops. empty growing trays at the right.

All the animals are doing well. the horses were worked quite a little bit over the past two weeks and they have not been too bad. They don’t stand well and the one, Marta is quite fidgety especially before setting out and when we are trying to hook to a piece of equipment. Can be difficult most times and somewhat dangerous. We have to be very careful and one of us has to be on the lines at all times. No setting the lines down for even a brief few seconds with this team.

The hugel bed with two rows of tomatoes, thanks to Mihaela. A lot of sticks and branches covered with compost and soil and then rye straw on top. Welsh onions to the left.

The roadside stand should have a small selection of our veggies in it this week for the first time.

Nell and Marta having a rest in the pasture.


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