July 9, 2017 FARM NEWS

A pretty hectic week as this was the first week for the CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) veggie pick ups here at the farm. The daily work is all aimed at getting caught up in the garden. We have had a lot of volunteer help over the past few weeks and also working share help this week.  We are getting a lot planted, it is just that there is a lot to be planted and as always we have a lot planted and a lot more to go in. Big thank yous to all who have helped, it is very much appreciated.


The usual Monday morning garden view

The chickens and ducks are all well.  The chicks that were day olds at the end of April are now getting to be quite large.  They will begin laying eggs around the last week of September. They will not be laying at a good rate until mid-October at the earliest and the egg size will be small for the first month or more.  We have several different chicken breeds. Several are for trial.  We are looking for a hen that will lay a good number of eggs over the year and will have a good weight and be suitable for a meat chicken, not just a soup hen, at the end of lay, and for a chicken that is still good as a meat chicken after more than two years. We got the various breeds knowing some seemed to have these characteristics. The chicken also has to do well under our conditions.

The cabbages, cauliflower and broccolli

Four buff ducks . They are very good layers though they have just now started to fall off a little bit in egg production.

The pastures could do with more rain as could all of the vegetable garden. We have not had a good rain since July 1, and though things are not nearly desperate as yet, it is getting a bit dry, and we have to do a lot of watering of the vegetables. Ideally we would like about an inch of rain every week. Not too much to ask? But the temperatures have not been too warm in the day, not over 30. and the nights are comfortable in the range of 15 to 18ºC.

The tomatoes in our version of a hugelkulture bed.

The cows, horses and sheep are eating up there pastures at a pretty good rate but are not down to eating just hay, just yet. We have not harnessed the horses for work for a week now but should soon as a few empty garden beds could do with another cultivation to get the weeds down.

Nell and Marta on an extended break

An ordinary week seeing Aerron working late; until 1:00 in the morning and the usual quitting time being around 10 or 11. Not so good really but only because we were overwhelmed in the spring. Lots of reasons which I’ll have to delve into another time.

This is the little silkie rooster that has decided to move in with the ducks. they get along well.

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One Response to July 9, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Good luck getting those ducks in a row. They seem to be pretty independent-minded canards.

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