July 17, 2017 FARM NEWS

This is the usual weekly garden view taken unusually on the Sunday evening. Yesterday. Change since the rain is quite noticeable.

We had a small amount of rain yesterday, Sunday, which was nice to have to follow up on the 50 odd mmm that we got on the 13th, last Thursday. Previous to that we last had a good rain on July 1, but that was only 2.8 mm. So lots of moisture now and lots of growth. Vegetables as well as weeds. Total precipitation in April was 107 mm, May was 109mm and June was 73. So much better than last year.

The rows oriented north-south with potatoes looking good and just starting to flower and in the foreground left newly prepared rows for the last late seeding of potatoes.

We still have a lot of things to be seeded and a few things yet to be transplanted. But this week again we did get a lot in.  So we are very late with our planting but slowly catching up. Much will be coming ready over the next few weeks including kale, potatoes, broccoli and basil and more. Everything is looking good.

To the far right are the lettuces, many of the early planting have bolted toe seed, next are three rows of kale and on the right is a row of Brussels sprouts.

In the centre of the picture is a row of cabbage with two more rows to the left and two rows of broccoli to the right.

Nine rows of onions some of which are being pulled as green onions. most will be allowed to mature as slicing onions and keepers.

All the animals are well. New calf last week, must get a photo. The calf and the mother are doing good and are on pasture with all the other cows. The young ducks have been moved to another spot so that they now will be sharing pasture with the older ducks. They will need to be kept in their house separate from the old ducks until the young ones are familiar with their new house. This will be only two or three days then they’ll be free to explore the new location and wander more or less freely. They won’t be allowed near the garden, ducks love lettuce. The chickens continue to lay eggs though the lay rate for the older flock of hens is dropping off and there are more frequent breakages.

The young ducks, nearly full grown, in there new location. They, like all ducks are a nervous bunch.



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One Response to July 17, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Robert Feagan says:

    Farm is looking green and beautiful! Thanks for your work up there!

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