September 18, 2017 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning garden view

Now, with only three days until the end of summer we are getting some really nice, sustained warm weather. But it has been very dry. We have started to do a bit of irrigation but as usual our supply of water is not very great and we don’t have the means of getting a lot on to the garden anyway. So hopefully we will get a good dump of rain before too long but also we hope that the warm weather continues long into the fall.

Without the rain the Kale while still looking good has slowed in growth. There are 4 different kinds of kale in this photo

We have split a good lot of wood over the past two weeks and have gotten a pretty good pile, just a little more than a full cord is now stowed away out of the rain in the woodshed. We begin preparations for the coming winter.  Much of the work throughout the garden from now on will be to get the garden prepared for next season so that our workload will be eased in the spring. We will be planting garlic and mulching the garlic with straw very soon and we will also be making up and preparing beds and rows and then covering the empty rows with straw. Then come planting time in the spring we will pull back the straw just a bit, do our seeding or transplanting, and push the straw back around the new plants. We will try to do as much of that as we can.

These two rows are prepared for planting but will just be covered with straw for the winter so that they will be ready to plant into in the spring.

The sheep and cows on the middle pasture Sunday afternoon. Heather’s photo.

We have about 30 bales of hay coming soon and these along with the ones that we got earlier in the summer, will do to feed the horses, cows and sheep until the grass grows again in the spring and maybe we will have two or three left over. We are also getting more straw bales, mostly for garden mulch.

A grey Cochin hen, one of the spring hatch.

Blue Cochin rooster.

Chickens and ducks doing great and they are still laying quite well with the young ducks beginning to lay and the young chickens, hatched at the end of April, expected to begin laying mid October.


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2 Responses to September 18, 2017 FARM NEWS

  1. Rob Feagan says:

    Those chicken feet have a bit of ‘hobbit’ in them — all furry like that. Or, the other way around…

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