February 19, 2018 FARM NEWS

The usual Monday morning view. Still a good lot of snow on the garden. The anticipated rain has not yet come.

The weather is becoming a little more spring like though there have been a few really cold nights, down to -17 one night, -15 another, but one day had a high of almost 6.  We are into the last half of February so although the next two weeks could be cold we may well be over the worst of winter. Next week is forecast to be mild with some overnights staying above freezing and no nights below -5.

Ducks doing there thing. Wandering out a little more now with the better weather.

Two Barnevelder roosters, Whiting True Blue hen in front with a Black Australorp hen behind.

The melting snow along with a bit of rain made for small streams of water running through the fields. Not so much yet and probably just over half the snow has gone but the laneway is often too muddy to use. Still a good blanket of snow on the garden which is good and it is still too early to do any garden work. The snow seems likely to all be melted away over the next week. It will then be too muddy for a while depending on the amount and of the combinations of sunshine, rainfall, temperature and snow. Likely we will be able to do more garden preparation beginning with the first week or so in March. Much to be done there.

Silver Laced Wyandotte hen

Another Whiting True Blue hen. The plumage colours are quite variable.

Ameracauna Rooster and behind is a Black Australorp rooster

The chickens are laying a little better the last couple of days. Egg production seems directly related to the chicken’s comfort. When it is sunny and around the freezing mark the chickens can poke around outside especially if there is some ground with no snow and the winds are nil to light. The chickens are quite comfortable and happy and egg production increases. Happy comfy hens lay much better.

A dozing Nell.

Leucan was dozing until I came along.

Everyone likes to be able to stand around soaking up warm sunshine, chickens, ducks, sheep , cows and horses. They will all be at their happiest when they can once more graze on new grown pasture, with all the insects buzzing.

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3 Responses to February 19, 2018 FARM NEWS

  1. tonytomeo says:

    More like spring? with all that snow? What was WINTER like?!

    • devonacres says:

      We did have a pretty wintery winter. Quite cold for extended periods of time and a good lot of snow though we have had much more snow in previous years.
      As of today, the 21st of Feb., nearly all the snow has gone, washed away by rains over the past two days and unseasonably warm temperatures that got up to +15 C yesterday. There is a state of emergency in force in the city of Brantford due to flooding which just barely topped parts of the dike for a time until the flood crest passed.

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