March 12, 2018 FARM HAPPENINGS

The usual Monday morning view on a gloomy this morning.

The usual garden view in the snowstorm last week

The weather has more or less stayed the same for about the last two weeks. Up around or above freezing during the day with some days quite nice, warm and sunny but temperatures well below freezing overnight. But it still has been good for us as, except for a muddy driveway which occasionally is impassable, there has not been too much snow to slog through and the cold is not so bitterly deep. And the daylight, the day length, is now much longer.

The horses in last week’s snow

Everything is going along much as before. Horses still I the same spot wishing the grass would grow. Cows are inside for now, no new calves. Sheep too and many lambs have been dropped. Aerron has been quite busy cleaning out the barn as well as looking after the new lambs. When the lambs are born the mother ewe is sheared on the belly so the lamb can easily nurse. Aerron also separates the ewe and lamb from the rest of the flock for a few days so as the lamb will have a good unimpeded start.

Ducks at the snow bound duck pond

The duck herd/flock this morning. Not nearly so much snow today.

A sink full of eggs, freshly washed, the whites are Leghorn eggs, the ivory are duck

The chickens are doing just fine and the egg lay rate has come up quite nicely though the specialty birds are somewhat lower.

Some of the fancy chickens where there are far too many roosters.

A whiting True Blue rooster

A nudder hansum dude.

A Buff Orpington rooster

Blackbeard !

A Buff Orpington rooster. Same photo as above. Though I try, I cannot get rid of the repeated photo. WordPress is strange sometimes!

A really nice looking Buff Brahma rooster.

We have started a hotbed hallway between the house and the barn as a place to germinate vegetable seeds. So far just a squared off pile of manure and straw but which will be framed with boards and covered with glass and have straw piled along the sides for insulation. It is about three feet deep, 4 foot across and initially about 6 feet long but will probably end up to be about 20 feet long. It is already heating and it has not been turned or completely wetted through. Lots of work to do there yet. The manure is wheel-barrowed up hill from the barn so that in itself is a lot of work.

The start of the hotbed, about 12 feet long now and 4 feet wide.

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1 Response to March 12, 2018 FARM HAPPENINGS

  1. Rob Feagan says:

    Thanks for shots of chickens… I am thinking that if the whole coming back as a raven doesn’t work out for me, perhaps a chicken… if they will have me.

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