Road Side / Farm Gate Sales

 Updated July 3, 2017


The Roadside stand is at 111 Robinson road, the house and driveway beside us to the west. This is Aerron’s sister’s family’s home. This is right at the tee intersection of Greens Road and  Robinson Road, about half way between Brant Park and Apps Mill. The stand will be open 7 days a week from about 9 or 10 in the morning until near dark.

Eggs are $5.00 per dozen.                                                                                                   

We will have a selection of fresh vegetables from our garden at the stand each day. What is available will vary depending on what is coming ready.  We will not have a lot of veggies or much variety at first but will have more and greater variety as the summer goes on. Vegetables available at our roadside stand will usually be the same as those listed on the CSA page in this website.



One Response to Road Side / Farm Gate Sales

  1. Julie Mallen says:

    Hello, my husband and I have recently become very conscious of the quality of our food. We were wondering if we drive out to your farm, can we buy produce from you? If so, what are your hours?
    Julie 🙂

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