Beef and Lamb

  PRICE  LIST;      Updated July 12, 2017 with revised prices 

Our meats are from animals raised, and usually born, on our farm.   The meat is cut and wrapped, government inspected and quick frozen at our local butcher, Willie’s Meats, near St. George.   Our beef is usually outside on the pasture all the time, entirely grass and hay fed unless it is a cull cow which was once being milked.  The cows being milked are given about 2 pounds of  crimped or sprouted oats at the once a day milking time.   The sheep will have gotten some crimped or sprouted oats during early and mid winter in order that the pregnant ewes will have a little more nutrition. The lambs destined to go to the butcher will have gotten some.  The sheep are on pasture from May until December and sheep and cattle get hay during the winter and to supplement their grass during dry pasture conditions.


  • T-Bone, Sirloin, and Prime Rib Steaks                                            $13.00   /lb
  • Round, and Flank Steaks                                                                      $12.00   /lb
  • Blade Steaks                                                                                             $10.00   /lb
  • Tenderloin and Prime  Rib Roast                                                       $13.00   /lb
  • Rump Roasts                                          (Sold out)                               $12.00   /lb
  • Top and Bottom Round  Roasts                                                          $11.00   /lb
  • Cross Rib Roasts                                                                                      $ 9.00   /lb
  • Sausages, all beef                                                                                    $ 9.00   /lb
  • Ground and Stew Beef                   (Stew and ground sold out)  $ 7.00   /lb
  • Kidney and Liver                             (sold out)                                     $ 6.50   /lb
  • Heart, Tongue and Bones             (sold out)                                      $ 3.50   /lb
  • Whole, Half and Quarters (priced on hanging weight)                $6.00  /lb
  • Whole hanging weight is from 400 to 600 lbs. (no wholes halves or quarters available now)
  • Some cuts may sell out and be unavailable until we have more beef ready



  • Whole Leg, bone in      (sold out)                                                                   $14.00  /lb
  • Loin Chops                                                                                                           $16.00  /lb
  • Neck and Rib Chops                                                                                           $10.00  /lb
  • Ground  Lamb                (sold out)                                                                   $9.00  /lb
  • Lamb stewing meat     (sold out)                                                                    $9.00  /lb
  • Sausage, all Lamb        (Sold out)                                                                   $10.00  /lb
  • Ribs/Rack                                                                                                                $7.25  /lb
  • Liver and Kidney          (sold out)                                                                      $8.50  /lb
  • Heart and Bones          (sold out)                                                                       $3.50  /lb
  • Whole or Half Lamb  (Priced on hanging weight)                                       $7.00  /lb
  • Whole hanging weight is from 20 t0 40 lbs.     (no wholes or halves available right now) Some of these cuts may sell out and be unavailable until more lamb is ready


We have some soup hens, $2.50/lb  with weights being around 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 pounds each. These are not tender roasting birds but are older end of lay hens and roosters and are best suited for soups though with careful slow cooking the meat can sometimes be tender enough.



11 Responses to Beef and Lamb

  1. Seth Crawford says:

    Hi, I am interested in possibly reserving a whole spring lamb. What would the approximate weight of the lambs be and would the cost per pound be the same as what is displayed?


  2. rick says:

    will you please send me scheduled period of slaughtering and what animals or meat will be available. rick

    • devonacres says:

      Rick; We don’t have a schedule. We will though be taking lambs to the butcher first part of February. We do have some of most of the cuts listed on our beef and lamb page in our freezers.

  3. sannette says:

    Hi do you still have meat and chickens available please? I am looking for a source for chicken bones/feet as well to make bone broth. Thank you

  4. Myke says:

    Hello, is there beef available now?

  5. Zee says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase a whole lamb. Do have any available? I would also like to have it cut up into the various pieces as well. Roast, legs, sausage, etc.

  6. Robin says:

    Looking to buy some lamb heart, liver and kidneys. When would it be best to come to purchase these?

    • devonacres says:

      We took a lamb to the butcher’s yesterday but I am pretty sure that everything is spoken for with that one. Either this coming Monday or Tuesday or the week, we’ll take in one or two more. I’ll know more about everything on Friday when I talk with the butcher.

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