Useful Links

January 1, 2016.  The following is a list of  websites which may be of interest. Sometimes the link will not work by clicking on here and you will have to type the web address into your search and go from there.   The Wikipedia entry for Community Supported Agriculture , CSA,  which has a lot of very useful information.    This is the website of our friends Alison and Larry Moore near St. Annes in the Niagara Peninsula. They have naturally raised and grass fed beef and are one of only a handful of Kerry cattle breeders in Canada.     This is the site of our friend Vicki (and the late Donald) Rose near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Vicki raises and sells grass fed beef and is trying various alternative organic crops.    This is the site of our friends Sue and Art Reimer and their organic vineyard and winery near Niagara-on-the-lake. One of only four or five organic wineries in the area,  Art makes several really fine wines.     The website of our area organization promoting agriculture in Brant County and the buy local initiative.

The following are some organizations and institutions that are involved in many aspects of sustainable agriculture.    A Canadian volunteer organization conserving biodiversity and traditional knowledgeof food crops and garden plants. The seed saving people.    The website, and link to their blog, of the organization in Canada which promotes the preservation and increase of rare and minor breeds of domestic livestock and poultry.     This is the website of Canadian Organic Growers, an organization devoted to many aspects of organic agriculture in Canada.       The website of the Society for Bio-dynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario.      This is the website for the annual organic conference held at the end of January. Lots of contacts there.   The website of William Dam Seeds of Dundas, where we purchase most of our seeds.  Highly recommended.    The website of Ecological Farmers association of Ontario.     The International Asssociation of Organic Agricultural Movements.      This is a U.S. progam of the National Centre for Appropriate Technology.      The website of the Rodale Institute, a leading researcher in, and advocate for, organic agriculture.     Animal Welfare Approved is an organization that certifies that farms and processors have met the Animal Welfare Approved requirements for comfort, care and the well being of farm animals.  This is a website which features the author Colin Tudge in the UK and the College For Enlightened Agriculture and though it is the UK there are a lot of good ideas here.      This website has a large amount of very useful information for the small organic farmer. The site is designed  mainly to inform farmers in Africa, India, Southeast Asia and similar.  I’ve been looking at #1 of the top 11 most popular pages/subsystems,  “Browse cd3wd”, click on it then go from there.     This is the website of THE SOUTHERN ONTARIO HERITAGE LIVESTOCK CLUB. the website is still  new and we are still in the process of building it so keep checking. This is the former Niagara Chapter of Rare Breeds Canada.

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